Nevis Trailblazers Snowmobile Club

Located in Central Minnesota between Park Rapids & Walker

If you are looking for snowmobile trail maps, and trail conditions in the Nevis, Park Rapids,  Walker and Cass lake area, look no further. We groom miles of trails that connect the Heartland State Trail, miles of trails in the Paul Bunyan State Forest system, and many others.

If you are hoping to check snow depths, and conditions for the Nevis, Park Rapids, Walker, and Cass Lake trail systems, please visit our Trail Conditions page for accurate, and constantly updated information.

We have an amazing choice of snowmobile trail types. From tight and twisty woods, wide sweeping fast curves and elevation changes, corridor trails for you high mileage folks that connect Park Rapids to Walker, Bemidji and more;  and cross country racing quality trails following county roads and highways. We also have snowmobile trails that connect to several lakes for you ice fishers, family friendly restaurants, and high quality gas stations (that carry oil that you need). For trail maps, please visit our Trails page.
** We will be creating Trip Guides this 2014-2015 season for family rides, technical riders, and high mileage adventures. Please keep an eye out for these!

We an active snowmobile club with both local members from Nevis, Park Rapids, Cass Lake, and Walker; as well as those who vacation up here. If you are looking for a great club with a strong sense of community, and an active riding member base, this is your club! Some of our members have put over 7,000 miles in a single season!  Please feel free to check out our membership page. We also gladly provide Snowmobile Safety programs, and community outreach. Please check out our Events area for more details.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we will see you on the trails!

Ride Safely, Respect Landowners, and Have Fun!